New Campus Ministry Team

Danielle Bonura

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The new campus ministry team consists of juniors and seniors that help the Hannan community through their service and advisement. They help with going on the retreats by promoting God through different activities. They help in ways spiritually, mentally, and physically by speaking and going on retreats. Many members agree that the retreats are always fun, including Kayla Brito, who explains, “My favorite part has to be the retreats!”

The new campus ministry team just recently went on the eighth grade retreat. Senior Heither Riecke commented,”I liked how at the eighth grade retreat we were allowed to be silly and do skits, but it really helped the eighth graders grow closer as a class and grow closer to God.”

Campus ministry night was put on by the new campus ministry team. Numerous members help set up for mass and serve the Eucharist. The campus ministry team is meant to guide other students in God through helpful activities and wise words. At campus ministry night, students came to praise and worship God. They had confession available and played many fun games. Pierce Dennis’ favorite part of campus ministry night was, “Singing with friends during adoration and playing games like dodgeball.”

The team conducts meetings every Wednesday at lunch to discuss what activities they will do at the next retreat, what they can improve, and how to make campus ministry nights better.