Future Hawkettes claw there way through kiddie camp

October 29, 2019


Archbishop Hannan High School’s Hawkette dance team hosted a dance camp for kids last week. 


“We have various ages of kids that come to the camp to learn dances and play games, and they also get to see what we do as Hawkettes,” Smith said, a freshman Hawkette member.  


The camp is four hours and gives kids the opportunity to have a good time learning dances with the Hawkettes. This also gives the parents of the kids time to do what they want and somewhere to bring their kids for part of the day.


“We also bring them out onto the field to show them what it is like to perform. My job was to make sure the kids were doing what they were supposed to be doing and getting them what they needed,” Smith said.


The kids will learn a routine and will practice it for those few hours. They will then perform this routine on Friday at the football game. This allows the kids to see what the Hawkettes do and how they prepare for their performances each game. 


“While Captain Haley Rietschel taught the dance, I helped out the older group of kids and did it with them,” Manson said.


Each person on the team was assigned to an age group and depending on the age group they had different jobs to do. 


“A few of the Hawkettes on the team now went to kiddie camp when they were younger, like myself,” Manson said.


Kiddie camp is a way for the dance team to also recruit members. The kids that come are usually ones that come more than once and eventually hopefully they will come to Hannan and try out for the team. 


“The money goes towards the team for us to use for whatever we need it for,” Smith said. 


The team raised a good amount of money from the camp. This money is used for the team for whatever they need. The kids, the team, and the parents all benefit from the kiddie camp and is a very useful thing. 


“The camp should remain a thing because I, and I’m sure the rest of the team, enjoyed hosting the camp and it was a really good experience for everyone,” Manson said.


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