Archbishop Hannan prepares for SASC

October 29, 2019


Archbishop Hannan High School Student Council prepares for they very busy weekend at the Southern Association of Student Councils convention. 


This year they are running for two positions , parliamentarian and executive director. They have a lot of work to do in the next 2 weeks to be prepared for it. 


“Preparation for SASC requires a lot of different steps. We are running for a position this year so it is a bunch more steps then your regular council,” Justin Mouledous, Executive Board President said. “We have to create a skit, we had to write a song, create a dance, trifolds, competitions, poster contests, photography contests. So essentially we have to assign all those different things to people and it is a big undertaking running at a convention, but it is super fun that’s why we continue to do so.”


Hannan’s student council currently holds the position of SASC Vice President. Which they won last year. 


“Campaigning and holding a position at the same time. I don’t believe we have ever done that before,” Mouledous said.”It is going to be really interesting having a responsibility as an officer school and also running for a position” 


This year, Student Council is bringing 18 people to Sulfur, Louisiana.   Ths the largest group Hannan has ever taken to the regional conference of SASC. that being said there are many underclassmen going on the trip.  


“I am ecstatic but also a little nervous. I can’t wait to meet new people and become more involved with student council on a higher level.” Jessica Monson said. “I am extremely proud to be representing Hannan and I am eager to learn new things. I know I’ll have so much fun with my fellow student council members! ” 


For the running portion of the convention, the delegates that are going are working very hard on the skit and campaigning for parliamentarian.  


“Preparing for this convention has been fun. I am really enjoying rehearsing the skit. I have so much fun trying to learn the choreography and seeing people, including me, struggle to high kicks. Since we are getting closer to the convention everything is getting a little more serious because we want our presentations to be great for the convention.  ,” Monson said. “I am writing, memorizing, and performing a five minute speech on ‘building leadership’. To say i’m a bit stressed out is an understatement. But I know that once I’m finished writing it I’ll feel a lot better.” 


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