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Hannan soccer team acquires Titan GPS system

October 29, 2019

The Hannan Soccer team begins their new year starting with conditioning this week. This year, Coach Trey Labat has introduced GPS trackers that track the progress and location of his players on and off the field.


Labat claims that the tracking trackers are necessary to elicit the most out of his players and track their progress.


“The biggest benefit for me, as a coach is I can see if a player is giving the effort they need to,” said Labat, “I have data that shows me if the season was to start today, a couple of players wouldn’t be able to play at their highest level because they are not in game shape”.


The trackers are to be worn by players during practices so that Coach Labat can monitor the performance of the team. The “Titan GPS” is used to track the location, top speed, and the distance covered by the players. 


Players of the soccer team admitted to having mixed reviews in the beginning of the season but all agree that the trackers will help better the team.


Logan Forjet, a member of the Hannan soccer team understands the benefits of the Titan GPS system and agrees that it will improve the overall energy of the team on and off the field. 


“Initially, I was worried about it because I thought he was going to track how much we did and did not run,” said Forjet, “Once he showed us the stats, I thought it was a pretty cool idea because it could show us our fastest times.”


Coach Trey said that he plans on using the GPS system for the remainder of the season and will implement the trackers into games. The information supplied by the Titan GPS can be used post game and provides vital information for film and getting a sense for “what happened when”.


Will Kelley, also a member of the Hawks soccer team, is particularly a fan of the trackers and believes that it will bring out the most of their team.


“I think they are a good idea overall,” Kelley said, “They’ll bring out a higher work rate and keep everybody accountable”.

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