Archbishop Hannan class reunions help spark school spirit

Cassidy Condon

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To bring back the memories from 10 years ago, Archbishop Hannan will be having its Class of 2009 reunion.


“I think it is a good way for you as classmates to reconnect with everyone in person cause we do a lot of that on social media now, everybody’s following each other on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and it keeps you kinda reconnected to your school so that you remember what the mission of the school was, and it just kinda brings you back to those days that you wish you could back to sometimes,” Alumni Director and 2005 alumna Kayla Siemann said.

Reconnecting and remembering their Hannan days are important because it was such a big part of their life, especially this class having been to all three locations of Hannan in Merux, the St. Joseph Abbey and its current location in Covington. Many of the alumni are still connected because they had such a small class and have stayed friends through the years.  


“I still keep in touch with a lot of them, it’s like my friends we hang out with all the time, but there’s other people that I don’t see and haven’t talked to or seen since the last reunion, so we get to catch up. We were a small class so I think we started with 50 people and graduated with 48 we were super small so we were close when we were in High School,” 2009 Alumna Whitney Condon said.  


At the reunion, the alumni will eat, drink, hang out and catch up with each other at Lula Resturant Distillery. The place, date and time were decided by the alumni through committees or someone that will take over the planning, they will contact venues then decide on the specifics.


“They’ll call different venues they think might be fun, they’ll get the prices and they’ll kind of coordinate it and then just tell me then I’ll help them come up with invitations and that kind of stuff, but sometimes it’s one person that plans it, sometimes it’s five it just depends on the class,” Siemann said.


Participation always varies at reunions depending on the class size, but there are always great turnouts and great expectations to see each other again and catch up. 


“I feel like it’s just something that people have always done, but I think it’s good to keep in touch and reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a long time cause you forget how close you use to be in High School and that all this time has passed,” Condon said.