Shadow Days important in Admissions process

October 1, 2019

Shadow days at Hannan are very crucial to the processing of recruiting students at Archbishop Hannan High School. 


Shadowing is when students follow a student around the campus and to their classes for half the day. They get to experience what it’s like to be a student at Hannan. This gives the opportunity for the 7th graders to fully understand how high school works and the environment. 


“It gives people the opportunity to come in and see Hannan highschool in action to make sure its the right environment that they want to come into highschool with,” Shepherd said


Shepherd is in charge of the shadowing process or event. He thinks that without this event, getting students to choose Hannan would be more difficult. 


“You get to understand what it’s like to be a Hannan student and understand the school you are going into,” Van-Dalen, student getting shadowed at Hannan, said.


Van-Dalen and Shepherd both agree that shadowing helps more students want to come to Hannan because they see the environment and things Hannan has to offer.


“We usually get, on average, anywhere from 260 to 290 shadows a year, and that is probably in the last four or five years. I would say that the majority of the students that apply have shadowed here,” Shepherd said.


Students are able to get this opportunity to experience the Hannan way, and that is what gets the students to choose Hannan as their ideal fit. 


“I think when we take them out of class and send them on a tour is when they get to see every facility, meet coaches, meet club moderators, get to see the science labs, and getting to see the art studio, is a big part as well. The teachers do an outstanding job in getting to meet all the persepctive’s shadows in the classroom and talk to them plays a big role in the encouragement in choosing Hannan,” Shepherd said


Mr. Shepherd says that when students come to Hannan and get to watch and interact with the people who already go to Hannan and watch them in everyday life in the high school classroom. This is a way for them to build an opinion on the school and if it is for them. 


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