Junior varsity football ties Albany

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Junior varsity football ties Albany

Mark A Payton

Mark A Payton

Mark A Payton

Emily Vaccaro

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Archbishop Hannan’s Junior Varsity football team played a tough game against Albany last Tuesday.


“Beat Albany” was the first thought that popped into freshman fullback Caden Fontenot’s head when he stepped onto the field and got set in position.


The freshman says that the defensive line played extremely well this game, specifically sophomore, Braden Neal.


Although the final score was 12-12, the team agrees they could have done various things differently in order to change up the scores.


“We should have found ways to finish our drives,” said Fontenot. “I missed multiple blocks which I could have had, and those players made the tackles on the big plays.”


Despite missed drives, other players seem to think that team played to the best of their ability at this game.


“I think we played pretty good, played our best,” said freshman linebacker Sam Pennier. “We’re a good team.”


On the sidelines, previous plays were discussed and how the team could fix them.


“We hype each other up,” said Pennier. “We get the other players ready too.”


The team has to communicate well on the field in order to help each other and new players out, especially if they’re new to that position.


A typical practice would play out as the boys learning new techniques and plays, and getting better at the positions they play.


Good teams practice for their games, but according to Coach Timmy Falter, the JV team didn’t practice much, but instead just showed up and played their game.


“They practiced a little bit,” said Falter. “But just by giving Varsity a show.”


A set practice could have been more beneficial to the boys rather than winging it, but the tough game turned out well in both manners with a tie.


With the season progressing to be bigger and better, coaches and kids are anxious for more wins.


The JV team can easily all agree that the communal goal of this 2019-2020 season is to win the majority, if not all, of their games they play.


“The season is going towards my expectations,” said Falter. “The kids are playing hard and having fun.”