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Jill Hogan

Cheating scandal mars competitive Powerpuff Game

October 1, 2019

As the Hawks began to narrow down their homecoming week, a tied ball game for the powderpuff title occurred Thursday afternoon.

The student body was given a chance to show their spirit towards the seniors and juniors by wearing the colors crimson for the seniors or navy for the juniors at the game.

Faculty member Charles Baird had a few comments on the action that took place during the ball game resulting in the outcome being tied 18-18.

“I felt like the tie was not really a tie from observing the game,” Baird said. “You could definitely see that there was some favoritism in the booth for the juniors because in reality the seniors won the game 18-12.”

Senior Head Coach Eli Caillouet had big expectations about the game but turns out a few mistakes took place on the field while the play clock was running.

“There was some stuff we could have done on the field that could have been better executed,” Caillouet said. “I wasn’t expecting a tie, considering the fact that we beat the class of 2019 up and down, I think the juniors did put up a better fight.”

According to the juniors the class of 2020 was outplayed and didn’t deserve to win.

Brantley Taylor junior Head Coach mentioned he wanted to give some credit to the seniors for pushing through and not quitting.

“I felt proud of the results of the game because they all tried really hard and gave great effort,” Taylor said. “If I could change anything that happened in the game it would be to keep the game going and not end in a tie.”

Overall both teams had a couple practices coming into this game, but they weren’t expecting the outcome to be a tie.

“If I could change anything that happened in the game it would have been to keep the game going and not end in a tie,” Taylor said. “I think we as coaches did a good job preparing them and they did a good job at practice and displaying it in the game.”

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