Junior Varsity cheerleaders prepare for performance during Homecoming pep rally

September 24, 2019

Archbishop Hannan High School’s Junior Varsity cheer team is performing at the Homecoming pep rally and the homecoming parade on Sep. 26 2019. 


Annalise Travers, Co-Captain of the team, says that her team has been practicing every week. The team will perform a marching routine in the parade and a routine for the pep rally. 

“We have been working on the routine for a few weeks,” Travers said.


Breah Scanlan, a teammate on the squad, says she is more confident with her team because of the new athletes that were recruited. The new members, as well as the improved old members, have been working harder and are very crucial to the development of the team.


“Since we have a lot of people its really aloud us to advance a lot of our stunts and our choreography,” Scanlan says.


“I feel like we will get it, but we are struggling a bit. I think we will be a little shaky and I don’t think we will hit,” Travers says in response to the question of how much confidence she has in her team and the routine.


The team has been practicing but teammates are nervous because the routine has not been hitting and has been a little shaky.


 “This is a more difficult routine and we have definitely had to push ourselves a lot. We have had a lot of hard practicing. We usually practice three times a week,” Scanlan said.

“The dance part of the routine i think we are fine, but the stunts are very difficult,” Travers said.


The team has been working hard because this routine is a little out of their comfort zone and is challenging. The team has been practicing the routine every practice since they learned it which was a few weeks ago. 


“Yes i’m very excited it’s going to be fun, but it’s going to be hard,” Travers said. 


Last season the team was not able to perform at the parade due to it being canceled, so this is most of the cheerleaders first time having to perform the two routines in one night. The cheer team has been working pretty hard and will perform both routines soon. 


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