Harry’s Hawk Hut up and running for home games

October 1, 2019

“Harry’s Hawk Hut” is a hectic hit at Archbishop Hannan High School’s home football games.


The Hawk Hut is a busy booth that sells Hannan merchandise, like foam fingers, stadium seats, scrunchies, and much more.


 “We thought about Harry’s Hawk Hut as a fundraiser I guess back in the spring,” said Varsity’s Cheer Coach, Stacey Rase. We were looking for a new way to raise some funds for competition expenses and we realized that there wasn’t anything like this at school where people could come and hands-on buy spirit items, so we thought it’d be fun!”


Selling out of specific items seemed to take its place quickly, as the first order of hair scrunchies sold out completely before it was time for the game.


“We’ve had a lot of interest, especially in the hair scrunchies,” Rase said.” They sold out with the cheer team really before we even got it to the hut, so we’ve already placed a second order for those.”


Since the hut is a new addition to the home games this year, the busier it is the better. 


“The Hawk Hut was busy at the beginning at 6 p.m. when people started to arrive. It was steady until 7 p.m., and once the game started, it slowed down,” said Laura Rogers, a Junior Varsity cheer mom. “At halftime, it got busy and the 3rd quarter, it got busy.”


Prices don’t seem to be an issue at the Hawk Hut, as Rase says that if someone comes with a 10 dollar bill to a game they can easily get two or three items or one large item.


With reasonable prices, various items have been best sellers. With parents eager and anxious to show some pride for Hannan, the hut will continue to get busier.


“We had a huge sellout of the scrunchies and we promised that they’d be in for the next game. The second largest item that was selling were pom poms or t-shirts, but we did not sell out of those,” said Rogers. “More parents were buying stuff, but students would come with their parents to buy, and there were a few older students buying.”


As successful as this new booth was in the first game, the best is yet to come.


“I do think it will become more successful because as the season goes on, I think other people are gonna see the merchandise that the people who already went to the Hawk Hut are wearing, and they’re gonna wanna buy it too,” said Claire Plaisance, one of the two Varsity Cheer Captains. “Everyone’s gonna just migrate to the hut and buy everything they can.”

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