A new way to eat Pineapple

March 22, 2019

Social media platforms are shocked after a Twitter video reveals how to properly eat a pineapple.

Many people are familiar with the infuriating but usual way of eating pineapple. Since pineapples are covered with thorny spikes, eating the actual substance of the fruit can be quite difficult. You can either cut the pineapple on your own or an easier way out would be to buy the pineapple already fixed for eating.

Thanks to a recent viral video posted on TikTok that shows a lifehack for eating pineapples. The user has the pineapple upside down and peels it by simply plucking the thorn-like spikes of the skin. This video has swarmed the internet from Twitter to Instagram to Youtube and even Facebook.

Despite the craze over the new technique, many were unsuccessful. This trick does not work on all pineapples though. Many users gave out tips for the new pineapple trick suggesting that the pineapple should be ripe and soft.

Other users stated that although they live in tropical areas with an abundance of fruit, they have never seen this trick before saying how uncommon it was to see a pineapple eaten like this.

Many were fascinated by the video of the pineapple lifehack.

“Oh my gosh!” Ava Duplechain said. “What? How? Replay that! I wish I would’ve known this sooner.”

Others were in disbelief and wanted to try it out for themselves.

“I’ve seen this already,” Carly Walker said. “My mom went out to buy a pineapple but we haven’t tried it yet.”

Fascinated by this new trick? Grab a pineapple and test it out for yourself.

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