Five Feet Apart

March 22, 2019

Do you want to see a movie that will make you laugh and cry? If so, then you should see Five Feet Apart.

Five Feet Apart is a movie about a girl with cystic fibrosis named Stella who falls for a boy named Will who also has the disease. The patients are not allowed to be closer than six feet apart. Stella and Will want to change the rule because they want to be able to live their lives the way they want to.

“Five Feet Apart is a movie where there are parts that make you laugh and other parts that make you cry,” Laurel Justison said. “It is an amazing movie and I would definitely watch it again.”

Five Feet Apart shows how sad it is when you cannot get closer than six feet to the ones you love.

“I cried throughout the whole movie because it was really sad and the ending was not what I was expecting,” Holly Bultman said. “I recommend this movie to other people because it is really good.”

Some even say it was the best movie they have ever seen.

“I really enjoyed the movie because I love Cole Sprouse and he played his part very well,” Olivia Valladares said. “It is probably the best movie I have ever seen.”

Many people have seen the movie and the movie theater is filled with crowds because of it.

“When I went to see the movie, there were many people in the theater and I could tell everyone loved it,” Laurel Justison said. “Many people were crying around me so I wasn’t the only one.”

Five Feet Apart will really tug at your heart and is a big tearjerker.

“A very sad part in the movie is when Stella and Will show each other their scars from surgeries they had in the past,” Olivia Valladares said.

Others say they did not like the ending because of the outcome.

“I did not like the ending because it was sad and I wanted them to end up together,” Lindsey Hueschen said.

In conclusion, Five Feet Apart is a great movie and is recommended by many people.


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