Hannan practices first lockdown exercise

February 8, 2019

This past Tuesday, Archbishop Hannan had their first lockdown drill in case of emergencies.

Father Charles decided that in order to be better prepared, we needed to practice for real situations. The first drill went smoothly.

“The lockdown went reasonably well,” said Mr. Dusang, a first-year teacher at Hannan. “The students listened and moved to the designated area in the room. All considered, a good experience.”

The goal of these lockdown drills is to be prepared for real emergencies.

“The teachers made us feel safe,” said eighth grader Georgia Palmer. “They did everything they were supposed to in order to keep us out of harm’s way.”

In order for everyone to be prepared and safe, students, teachers, and staff must be ready and know what to do, which means practice and no mishaps.

“I believe the students did a good job simulating the experience and as such, kept themselves safe,” said Dusang. “They did a very good job remaining calm and quiet.”

The goal of the drills are to be sure everyone is prepared for every situation.

“If this was an actual lockdown, I would have listened to the teacher more carefully and not talk as much,” said Palmer. “Not everyone in the class took the drill seriously, so I feel like we could have done way better on that end.”

Making sure everyone is safe is the top priority. In order to do that, we must be genuinely ready.

“Allowing the students to know in advance may have improved response time. It would be nice to know how they do without warning.”

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