Netflix new prices not dissuading students

February 8, 2019

Netflix is one of the most popular things to do and is favored by many. Many people choose to watch Netflix over doing other activities. The question is: Would people still be as interested in Netflix if they raised their price from $11 a month to $13 a month?

Netflix is so addicting that sometimes it causes people to get distracted from homework or studying.

“I usually only watch Netflix when I’m with my friends or want to watch a movie with my family, but if there is a show on Netflix that I watch a lot then after school I do tend to put my homework aside and watch the show first because it is addicting in a way,” said freshman Allie Cheramie.

Netflix is an enjoyable show whenever and wherever you want to watch.

“My favorite thing about Netflix is that you can find any show or movie you want and it’s amazing to binge watch with family and friends,” says Isabella Centore.

Netflix has a variety of TV shows and movies that you can watch.

“The best thing about Netflix is how they have different movies and genres to choose from,” said Cheramie.

Also, Netflix does not have any interruptions.

“I love how Netflix doesn’t have any commercials so I don’t get interrupted in the middle of a show or movie,” said Olivia Aufrecht.

Unfortunately, Netflix is now talking about raising the price people pay every month.

Allie Cheramie said, “If Netflix raised the price, I would still pay for it because I enjoy watching Netflix and I think it is worth paying for.”

Others feel differently about the price change.

“I don’t think I would continue to pay for it if they changed the price because I don’t think it is worth paying $13 a month just for TV shows and movies,” said Aufrecht.

Netflix also has some disadvantages as well.

“A disadvantage to Netflix is that they cancel shows and movies after just a couple of months which can be annoying if a show I really like gets taken down,” said Isabella Centore.

Overall, many people enjoy Netflix and put it above all other activities.

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