Viral “egg” teaches lesson about social media

February 8, 2019

An odd start to 2019 began with a post of a single egg (@world_record_egg) that cracked the recent media with receiving more than 33 million likes and still counting. The tension between the posts of Kylie Jenner with 18 million likes took a turn when the egg was posted with the intention of beating the former record holder. Jenner herself liked the post and even had some fun sharing videos of her cracking an egg on the street and captioning “take that little egg”.

The accounts soul purpose was to dethrone Kylie and obtain the title with most likes. The Kardashians and Jenners actually found it comical, liking the post as well.

Other accounts were sparked with inspiration and began to pop up in hopes of defeating the egg and becoming viral. Some of these include posts of mangos, melons, and other fruit, but also a world record Bertrum.

From reposts, shoutouts, and contributing likes, many participated in the egg’s success. Now, the egg even has merchandise which they offer for sale to their ‘egg gang members’.

Students at Hannan had their own opinions on it, and most contributed with reposts, tags, and many many likes.

Recently, the egg has been posting pictures featuring cracks which had many wondering what could be happening.

But, on Superbowl Sunday it was revealed. The egg was promoting the effects on pressure from social media and spreading awareness. Who could have possibly known that this single egg had a message representing something that was so serious?

All in all, the little world record egg was an interesting surprise to start our year off.

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