#LindsayStrong: How the Hannan community rallied around one its own

Lindsay Perniciaro was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma in March 2018 and has been fighting the disease ever since.

October 24, 2018

Archbishop Hannan coach Michael Perniciaro and his wife, Lindsay Perniciaro, had their lives turned upside down this spring.

After a follow up for their eight-year-old son after breaking his wrist, Lindsay had made an appointment for herself because she said something had been bothering her leg. She thought the pain came from something she did while working out.

After a few tests were run, the Perniciaro’s were given the information that Lindsay was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma – bone cancer.

Lessons I have learned are to be open to help,” Michael said. “I learned in situations like this, you have to allow people to help. I have a deeper appreciation of what mothers do for their kids”

— Michael Perniciaro

Michael said their son’s injury was a blessing in disguise.

Doctors removed the tumor in late August, but the second cycle of chemotherapy is just beginning. The doctors are recommending her to go through another 12 rounds in the upcoming months.

The Perniciaro’s are happy to see her recovery and explained they are taking it one day at a time. Michael said throughout this entire experience he has learned many things that made an impact on his outlook of life due to his wife’s journey.

“Lessons I have learned are to be open to help,” Michael said. “I learned in situations like this, you have to allow people to help. I have a deeper appreciation of what mothers do for their kids.”

Michael shared that now he finds he takes more time to sit down with his son and help him with homework or just making sure to coordinate his practice schedule.

Michael helped around the house prior to the diagnosis, but said he understands the challenges more now and has to prioritize things outside of his normal schedule.

“This why I have a deeper appreciation and have learned to accept help when I need it,” said Michael.

Jay Faucheux, a good friend of the Perniciario’s, said Michael’s responsibilities of being a coach and a teacher helps cope with the recent challenges with his family.

“(He) understands that his job provides him with an opportunity to help shape the lives of so many, and he has never abandoned that responsibility,” said Faucheux.

The Perniciaro family added how grateful they are for how much the Hannan community has supported them through the disease.

Coach Karen Davis set up a meal train where teachers, administrators, parents and students have brought meals when Lindsay leaves for treatment.

Not only has the faculty and staff helped with the meal train, but also they have helped take care of the Perniciaro children, Carter and Luke, when he has been called away for school business.

“The Hannan Family has been great through all of this,” Michael said. “From Mrs. Karen Davis setting up the meal train to the continued support from the students, faculty and staff.”

Faucheux said Michael has remained steadfast and positive throughout this process.

“I know that he appreciates the outpouring of love and support from his fellow coaches and teachers as well as the student body,” Faucheux said. “Coach certainly has his good and bad days, but the love he has for Lindsay and their two kids carries him through his ordeal.

“He has remained positive throughout this whole experience which is truly an inspiration to those around him.”

He continued, “Certainly the times have been tough. However, Coach Perniciaro places a great deal of trust in God and that belief has carried and will continue to carry his family throughout Lindsay’s treatment.”

Michael said Lindsay has stayed the same person after all the challenges she has faced in the past several months. He explains how she has put her trust in God and believes that He has helped their family through it all.

“She is a very strong and independent person. She has always believed in her faith with God and knows God has a plan for all of us,” Michael said.


2 Responses to “#LindsayStrong: How the Hannan community rallied around one its own”

  1. Jill Bessetti on October 26th, 2018 10:07 am

    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you!!!!!

  2. Brenda Bossier on October 26th, 2018 2:18 pm

    What a great community effort supporting your family. All because we know you would be doing the same for us. You have a great family and are blessed in so many ways. Beat this thing girl.

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