Hannan football games provide fun atmosphere for students

October 16, 2018

Every Friday night, the Archbishop Hannan High School campus morphs from a school into a living party.

Tailgating tents, parents and students swarm campus for a fun night of watching football and socializing.

“A Hannan game is a great place to connect with friends, students, family, and even teachers,” eighth grader Leah Melton said. “We’re all brought here for the same reason: to show support for Hannan.”

Students from all grades attend and participate in Friday Night Lights at Hannan.

“At football games, my favorite part is being able to watch the football players try their best to win and achieve success for our school,” Melton said. “And if we do win, the level of excitement from both the fans and football players shows a lot about us.”

Attending games is enough to satisfy some students.

“There’s no favorite part, at least for me,” sophomore Alyssa Schneider said. “Every moment is always amazing.”

Hannan games are known for the great atmosphere, respect, and school spirit shown.

“Hannan’s atmosphere is better than others,” eighth grader Leah Melton said. “The players are all good sportsmen and you can see that they’re all out there to make our school proud.”

A Hannan game is a great place to connect with friends, students, family, and even teachers. ”

— Leah Melton

Hannan’s deep-rooted traditions tend to bring students closer and feel a connection to the original school.

“When everyone goes to watch the football team ring the Victory Bell after a win,” freshman Gabriella Lanzas said. “I feel like it all brings us together to show our love and support for Hannan.”

Many students also participate in the themes each Friday bringing more spirit and enthusiasm to the stands with their most patriotic, galactic, and Hawaiian clothes cheering on the Hawks.

“Cool themes we have let the students dress up in fun clothes and show their creativity which brings a different type of spirit and hype to the stands,” sophomore Alyssa Schneider said. “Friday Night Lights wouldn’t be the same without them.”

Never been to a Hannan game? It’s time to change that.

“Hannan football games are always a blast,” Schneider said. “We get to watch our boys, dress in fun clothes, and have millions of laughs and make great memories.”

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