Projected Schedule Change Poised to Calm Constant Confusion

April 16, 2018

Hannan is looking to update their class schedule for next school year, to lessen the confusion that comes with the frequent schedule changes.

The projected schedule would use the same rotating block schedule that the school currently uses, but would allow for the M period to be more mobile to fit the needs of certain special events. Thursdays and Fridays both have the potential of being M period days, and so if an M period would be needed on a Friday for a pep rally, 4th period would be added last period of the day on Thursday and the Friday schedule would rotate up to make time for an M period on Friday.

“We went looking this year for a way for teachers to have more time in class with students so that was the overall goal,” said Dean of Academic Donalyn Hassenboehler. “We sent that goal to the various department chairs for them to submit to the senior staff ideas of how that could be done.”

Hassenboehler stated that administration looked at four different scheduling variations before deciding on the current potential choice. Professional Learning Committees, or PLCs for short, discussed the pros and cons of each option before settling on a consensus, ironically on the one most similar to the current schedule.

Another schedule idea that had been making its rounds throughout Hannan that involved a constantly rotating schedule is not planned to be used next school year. The idea was that if we missed school on a Monday or some holiday, we would have Monday classes on that Tuesday and just continually cycle through. This idea was brought up to avoid a loss in class time, like the school experienced frequently this year due to inclement weather conditions. The idea was brought up to PLCs but eventually scrapped as it would become difficult for Gradebook and any substitute or part-time teachers. Teachers also preferred having their classes at a set time every week.

Hannan has been on the current rotating block schedule for the past 5 years, and previously used an A/B blocked schedule with 4 classes a day that flipped between a A class and B class day.

The modified blocks didn’t work at all,” remarked Hassenboehler. “Teachers had 90 minutes and they didn’t know what to do with it, and kids couldn’t concentrate for that long so we didn’t do that for long. And it turns out that what we had originally thought was probably best, with a little tweaking.”

Hannan students are optimistic that the changes will be easy to adjust to and overall beneficial. Many found that the constant switching of Thursday and Friday schedules to accommodate special events was overkill and excessively complicated. The new drafted schedule seems like it would be a good fix to the current schedule, but not too drastic of a change.

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