How to host the perfect ‘Friendsgiving’ next year

November 27, 2017

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas season is in full swing, the students of the Hawkeye wanted to share what they were thankful for this Holiday season as well as some of their favorite recipes for Thanksgiving.

Dane Loup, sophomore

“What I enjoy on thanksgiving, I go to my Aunt Julie’s and Uncle Dave’s house. I look forward to steak with bacon wrapped around it with a jalapeño added to the end.

I enjoy hanging out with my family and watching football on the tv with them. I also enjoy throwing the football with my cousins and go swimming in the pool in the backyard.

Another food I like to eat on Thanksgiving is brownies with m&ms on it. Sometimes, my Uncle will grill some chicken with barbecue sauce and some sausage grilled with barbecue sauce, too.

My Uncle has a friend who makes cookies which are really good. We have a whole table full of sweets every Thanksgiving.”

Olivia Maurer, senior

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting together with my family. My family rotates between going to my mom’s family and my dad’s family so there’s always something different.

My grandmother on my mom’s side always makes the best macaroni and cheese. I also like the chocolate pie that my grandmother on my dad’s side makes too.

I really like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade with my cousins. My aunts and cousins always bring their dogs and it is funny to watch them run around the kitchen.

I like hearing my grandparents tell stories about their lives and getting to spend that time with them makes Thanksgiving a really special time for my family.

Jacob Billiot, freshman

What I like about Thanksgiving is meeting up with all of my family from all over and being able to hang out and play family games with them, but what I look forward to the most is watching football and eating food.

My favorite food for Thanksgiving is the seafood gumbo.

Austin Meaux, sophomore

Thanksgiving is a time to to be thankful for everything you have, spend time with your family and eat.

However, on most Thanksgivings, my family tries to get away from our other parts of the family and go on vacation for the week. I think this is the true meaning of Thanksgiving, to get away from everything and be thankful for yourself and how hard you work.

If I was to have a favorite meal on Thanksgiving…nevermind I don’t have one. If I was to have any food of my choice, I would go eat hibachi steak, shrimp and rice.

Morgan Reese, freshman

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is having my family visit from Michigan because I have not seen them for a while.

My sister is also coming home from college so that will be a fun time. I enjoy having the week off from school to be able to spend time with my family, friends and being able to sleep in.

I am going to try to accomplish watching The Office for the third time in its entirety. My favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is stuffing and my favorite dessert is Pumpkin Pie.

Spencer Georges, freshman

My favorite part of thanksgiving is being around my family that I dint see much if the year. They give me gifts and random surprises like seashells and foreign money.

My favorite meal is the butter rolls and green beans. The green beans are seasoned with yummy seasoning and the rolls are buttery. I love watching the thanksgiving football game with my dad and cousins too.

Brian Sisson, sophomore

On thanksgiving day, my family drives to Baton Rouge to my grandpa and grandma’s house where my whole family and family friends gather. We all sit outside, watch football, and play football.

My favorite part of the thanksgiving meal has to be the jellied cranberry sauce. Straight out of the can and into my mouth.

My favorite dessert to eat is the pecan pie, before you put it in the oven you drizzle the pecans on. The pecan pie is baked just right until a slight crisp develops and the inside of the pie is just right. Another one of my favorite things on thanksgiving has to be the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Perfect ‘Friendsgiving’ Dinner, as decided by the Hawkeye

1. Butter Rolls

2. Cheesy Mac N’ Cheese

3. Bacon Wrapped Steak Jalopeno Poppers

4. Seafood Gumbo

5. Canned Cranberry Sauce

6. Mashed Potatoes

7. Pecan Pie

8. Hibachi

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