The Last Retreat

Ella Sprang, Contributer

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On March 22nd the seniors left on their last retreat to the The Solomon Episcopal Conference Center. When the seniors arrived they were taken back by the absolute stunning scenery. Their were trees, a lake, and acres of beautiful land. Lauren Wegner describes how pretty is was, “I was really shocked how much space and land their was. The lake was so pretty and it made me excited for the rest of the next two days.” The teachers told the students to get their things and put them into conference center, since their rooms were not ready. They announced that the first activity of the day would be a scavenger hunt within out assigned small groups. We knew thus would be a fun activity to start the day with.
Throughout the day we did many activities with our small groups. For example, we did a timeline of our lives with the best and worst times. We bonded a lot with our small groups and also played active games as well which brought us closer together. Danielle Bonura explains her favorite part of day, “During the night, we had a bonfire and got to roast marshmallows.” At night things got more serious and as a class we had an open discussion with out class. It got really serious and deep. As a class we cried and definitely got closer to one another.
The last day of the retreat was really relaxed and much more chilled within our class. We played a few games and had more speeches from an alumni. We all got out phones back, but we really did not even miss them. We were all sad to leave the retreat center and we would miss spending 24 hours together. Although our pain would not last long though because the senior class Disney trip was only a few weeks away.