Wild Game Feast

Danielle Bonura, Contributor

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Every year the softball team host the Wild Game Feast at school. It was a big party with food, a band, and games for the younger children. Everyone came together to talk and have a good time with one another. It was a fun atmosphere located in the Hannan parking lot and the quad. Lauren Wegener explained how much fun she had at the Wild Game Feast when she said, “I look forward every year to going the Wild Game Feast, but I am really upset that this is the last year i’ll attend.” Once you bought a ticket then you are free to eat as much as you want and have unlimited fun. There was live music by LA Express and tons of food. Lindsey Osbon described the event as, “a fun event for anyone. With the various food selections and kid activities, it is always a great time. This year I worked the face painting booth for the little kids, and my two favorite dishes were the fried alligator and chargrilled oysters.” There was meatballs, alligator, roast pig, mac-n-cheese, chicken, duck, fajitas, tamale balls, and chili. Karen Davis’ favorite food was, “Duck bombs, duck wrapped in bacon with cream cheese and jalapeño grilled because I love duck and who doesn’t love anything with cream cheese!” She also enjoyed her time their as she explained, “I walked around with my husband and sampled all the great food, visited with coworkers, students and the family’s and listened to the music.” This is the Lady Hawks 4th, successful, annual Wild Game Feast. No matter if it was going rain or shine, the softball family would have showed up.