Road to Harvard

Ella Sprang, Contributer

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Applying for college is always a stressful time for all seniors in high school. They have to narrow down the schools and go through the application process. Senior Haley Pettingill, knows this feeling very well. Haley has applied for many schools including LSU, Tulane, and even Harvard. She describes her decision, “My mom basically made me apply to Harvard the night before, so it was really stressful.” Her and her mom did not realize when the deadline was, so they only had one night to get the application filled out. Haley can get a lot of scholarships because of her heritage, “I’m one fourth Cuban, so I can get a lot of cultural or ethnic scholarships.” Institutions like Harvard really like to have different types of people from all over the country, so since she is partially Cuban, it makes her very interesting.
Haley had to go through a rigorous application process for Harvard. She had to get teacher recommendations and receive high scores on standardized test like the ACT. A few weeks ago she finally heard back from Harvard. They let her know that an alumni was coming to New Orleans and wanted to interview Haley as a candidate. She was really nervous and excited, “I was a little anxious before interview because it’s such a big deal. I had to buy a business suit, but I was also really excited.” She said the went great and she even made the interviewer laugh.
Haley has been seriously considering Harvard as her college of choice, but she is not expecting to attend it. She recently just heard back from Tulane, and they gave her a full ride. She really loves the campus and wants to live in the New Orleans area, so that is where she will most likely attend college.